Mario Performs "Never Gonna Give You Up"
This clip is an excerpt from the "Super Nintendo Entertainment Show"
Directed by Donald Walls
I served as the lead actor playing "Mario"
Completed Feb. 2022
The World of Retro - Documentary
In a world where video games are becoming increasingly digitized, how is it that a small retro game store maintains popularity?
Directed by Faith Steinmetz
Edited by Alex Cronin
I served as the Producer and 2nd Assistant Camera on this project.
Completed Jan. 2022
   Clean Waters -    Cinematic Video
When it comes to keeping the waters clean, none do it better than us.
This is a one-take video I shot while at the park with friends.
All editing was done by me.
Completed Jan. 2022
The Flores Family - Short Film
Sometimes it's better to believe in the lie that we're told...
This is a short film I worked on at school where I worked as the First Assistant Director.
Completed Dec. 2021
Guys Night - Short Film
This film is about two guys struggling to find something to watch on Netflix.
Written and Directed by Nicholas Barrett
Completed July 2021
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